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  • Updated:29 January 2014
  • Version:2.1
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Meditation Chants

Clear and calm your mind with the powerful sound of creation "Meditation Chanting". Chant Meditation is a form of meditating very similar to mantra meditation and both are about making the mind focused through the repetition of a sound vibration.
The chanting is a powerful tonic. When you chant, you feel you are the pure, all pervading light and consciousness. The rythmic pronunciation in chanting makes the mind serene and pointed, and infuses the spiritual qualifications which ensure self-realisation.
List of Chants in this App:
1. Sree Anjaneya Namaha
2. Sree Chandeswaraya Namaha
3. Sree Dhathaya Namaha
4. Sree Dhurgaye Namaha
5. Sree Gangaye Namaha
6. Sree Hariharathmajaya Namaha
7. Sree Kalabhairavaya Namaha
8. Sree Kanyakaye Namaha
9. Sree Krishnaya Namaha
10. Sree Lakshmyai Namaha
11. Sree Lalithambikaye Namaha
12. Sree Lalithaye Namaha
13. Sree Mahakalye Namaha
14. Sree Mahalakshmee Namaha
15. Sree Mahasasthe Namaha
16. Sree Nandheesaya Namaha
17. Sree Nivasaya Namaha
18. Sree Ramachandraya Namaha
19. Sree Saravwathye Namaha
20. Sree Seethaya Namaha
21. Sree Shanmukhaya Namaha
22. Sree Shardhaye Namaha
23. Sree Subramannaya Namaha
24. Sree Thripuraye Namaha
25. Sree ThulaseeDevye Namaha
26. Sree Varalakshmi Namaha
27. Sree Vasudeva Namaha
28. Sree Venkatesaaye Namaha
29. Sree Vishnuve Namaha
30. Sree SaiNadha Namaha
31. Sree Ankarakaya Namaha
32. Sree Bhaskaraya Namaha
33. Sree Budhaaya Namaha
34. Sree Chandraya Namaha
35. Sree Ganeshaya Namaha
36. Sree Gurave Namaha
37. Sree Kethave Namaha
38. Sree Mahasaasthe Namaha
39. Sree Narasimhaya Namaha
40. Sree Prabhakaraya Namaha
41. Sree Raghave Namaha
42. Sree Raghavendraya Namaha
43. Sree Ramaye Namaha
44. Sree Shanecharaaya Namaha
45. Sree Skandhaya Namaha
46. Sree Sukraye Namaha
47. Sree Veerabhadraye Namaha