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About Us

MagicBox Animation is one of India’s pioneer animation production company that produces exclusive visual contents and apps in international and regional languages, for children of all age groups from around the world. MagicBox believes, providing knowledge as entertainment is the best way to engage children in learning.


Giving kids the best start to explore their unlimited potentials through various mediums that both educate and entertains.


Our mission is to provide quality content to kids, with the motive of educating them with good values and knowledge, through an entertaining way using the technologies available now and in future.

Our Works

Our prized gain is decade’s experience in the industry, in turn, that is which helps us produce top-notch visual contents and apps for your children. Our works, to name but a few,

● Edutainment ● Animated stories ● Animated web series ● Rhymes ● Android/iOS/Windows/Amazon Kindle apps ● Virtual reality videos, and much more.

MagicBox makes sure that it touches the bed of every child’s comprehension, by enabling effective conveyance of information. And, as a fundamental step, we produce all our visual contents and apps in five prominent regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi; and also, in English. MagicBox strongly recommends taking technology to children and believes that it is the only way to make the children hold out against its fast growth. As an initial step to that, we have begun producing informative and exciting virtual reality videos (360-degree videos), for children. Our big plan for the future – Introducing educational level augmented reality to children, that paves the way to, interactive games, experiential education, and creative consumer interaction.

This mean, a whole new level of children engaged in learning.

MagicBox Animation – Providing knowledge, that lasts…