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I Wonder Why – Why People Snore?


Why do we Snore?

● Snoring  is  a  loud,  hoarse,  or  harsh  breathing  (vibratory)  sound  that  happens 

while one is asleep. 

● Snoring  is  normally  not  harmful  and  is  quite  normal  as  a  matter  of  fact,  most 

healthy people do snore. If however, snoring gets to the point where it becomes 

extremely loud and disruptive to others, then this is now considered abnormal.

● Snoring refers to a vibration in the airway connecting the nose and the mouth. A 

A vibration that can emerge through the mouth, the nose, or through both!

● The tissues in the airway are very soft and at night becomes relaxed, the airway 

becomes narrower and hence snoring occurs.


● We often snore when we have colds because of blocked nasal airways. We would 

then breathe through our mouth causing negative pressure behind the uvula and 

soft palate and this helps to create the sound of snoring.

● Snoring can also be caused if the nose has any deformities in the noise.