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I Wonder Why – Why There Are Seven Days In A Week?

Seven days

Why are there seven days a week?

● Babylonians were the first civilization to have a seven-day week.

● Mesopotamians created a seven-day week so they could devote one day a week 

to worship the seven heavenly bodies that they knew.

● Other cultures had weeks varying in length from four to ten days, depending on 

the frequency of their markets.

● The  Romans,  upon  beginning  to  use  the  seven  day  week  instead  of  the  eight 

day, then adopted the names of the week to fit their gods.

● While  different  societies  started  the  week  on  different  days  usually  Sunday  or 



● Monday could be translated as “Moon Day”. 

● Tuesday is the first to be named after a god. It was named for Tiu or Twin, a God 

of War.

● Wednesday can be translated as “Wooden’s Day”, associated with the Norse god 


● Thursday is one of the easiest days to translated as “Thor’s day” Named for the 

Norse god of thunder and lightning.

● Friday is associated with Freya, the Norse goddess of love, marriage, and fertility.

● Saturday in English derives from “Saturn’s day”.  Saturn was a Roman god 

associated with wealth and time.


● Sunday is “Sun’s Day” as the “Day of the sun”.