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Kid’s Stories, Fairy Tales – Cinderella

A Wonder in a Dress.

Kid’s Stories, Fairy Tales – Cinderella PR044 01


Once, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She lived with her stepmother and her two ugly stepsisters. They were very unkind to her and made her do all the work.

One day, there was an announcement in the streets,

Soldier: The Prince is going to select his bride. All the young maidens are invited to the ball at the palace tonight.


Cinderella’s stepmother wanted to send her two daughters to the ball.

Stepmother: You must go my beautiful daughters!

Stepsisters: Yes, mother.



Poor Cinderella also dreamt to go to the ball. So, she asked the permission of her stepmother.

Cinderella: Can I also go to the ball?


But the cruel woman yelled,

Stepmother: The prince is looking for a bride and he won’t be interested in girls like you. You stay at home to wash the dishes and scrub the floors.


Cinderella became very sad. In the evening the stepmother and the stepsisters left Cinderella alone at home and left for the ball. (in the garden)


Suddenly there was a flash of light and there appeared a gracious lady.

Fairy: I’m your fairy godmother, my child! I’ll help you to go to the ball.

Cinderella: But how?

Fairy: Just wait and see my child!


The fairy took a pumpkin, and with her magic wand, changed it into a golden coach. She changed six mice into six horses, and another mouse into a coachman. She then transformed Cinderella’s torn dress into a royal satin gown and gave her a pair of beautiful glass slippers.

Cinderella, You have time only till midnight.

Cinderella: Midnight?

Fairy: Midnight! then everything goes back to the way it was. Now into the coach and don’t forget.

Cinderella: I won’t.



She rode away to the palace in her golden coach. In the satin gown and glass slippers, Cinderella reached the palace.

Cinderella walked into the ballroom. As soon as the prince saw her, he was enchanted by her beauty and grace. He ran towards Cinderella and they instantly fell in love with each other.
They danced the whole night. Cinderella had never been so happy.
However, the moment she heard the clock strike twelve she remembered the fairy godmother’s words. She broke away from the Prince and ran down the great stairs and out of the palace.

Oh, I must hurry up! It’s midnight.


The Prince followed her, but all he could find was a single glass slipper lying on the stairs. The prince asked his soldiers to put up an important notice.

The next day the soldier put up an important notice which said that every girl in the country must try on the little glass slipper and the prince will marry the girl who can wear it.

The messenger went into many houses, but the glass slipper didn’t fit anyone. At last, it was Cinderella’s turn. And as soon as she slipped her foot in the slipper, it fit her perfectly.

Soldier: I’ve found the maiden whom the prince shall marry!



Cinderella’s stepsisters were filled with envy.

As soon as the messenger informed the prince, he rode to Cinderella’s house.

He immediately recognized her.

The prince married Cinderella and they lived happily ever after.

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