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Ganesha – Analasura

The Fire Breather Analasura

Ganesha – Analasura PR041 UNIV 07

About Analasuran:

Once, there lived a dangerous asura, named Analasura who breathed fire from his mouth. Analasura was protected by a boon to fire and burn whoever opposes him. So if anyone dared to go near him, they would be reduced to ashes. Unable to bear the deeds of Analasura. The devas sought the help of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha: Don’t worry! All right. I shall help you and protect this world from the evil Analaura.

Analasura: lam the ruler of this universe. All the devas and the holy saints are my servants. There is no one in this universe to oppose me. ah….aha…aha…

Ganesha: Analasura. Don’t be too proud of yourself. It’s time to pay for your evil deeds.

Analasura: How dare you stand in front of me. Don’t become prey to my fire. Runaway for your life.

Analasura, I have not come here to run away from you. I will put an end to your evil deeds and save this world from the heat and fire that you generate.

After a terrible battle began between lord Ganesha and Analasura, Lord Ganesha took a gigantic form and caught hold of Analasura and swallowed him completely.

Lord Ganesha: Ah, my whole body is on fire. I am unable to bear the heat. Oh, do something to quench the fire.



The devas started pouring cold water from the Ganges on the head of Lord Ganesha to put off the heat. But it was of no use. They tried pouring thousands of tender coconuts on Ganesha’s head. But it was of no use. They brought snow and ice from the mountain peaks and placed them on Ganesha’s head. But it was of no use. They also placed the cool moon on Ganesha’s head.

When they found that none of these helped to put off the heat, one of the holy sages said…

Sage: The Darba grass has the power to cool down any kind of heat from the body. Bring some Darba grass and place it on Lord Ganesha’s head and he will be saved from the burning heat.

The sages brought some darba grass and placed the grass on Ganesha’s head. The heat gradually decreased from his body. Offering darba grass to Lord Ganesha became a practice from that day onwards.

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