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Ganesha – Kubera’s Feast

The God Of Wealth

About Kubera:

Kubera, the God of wealth, was very proud of his boundless fortune. He possessed all kinds of valuable gems, jewels and stones, and all the riches of this world. He wanted to Impress Lord Shiva and obtain his blessings by showing off his riches. So he planned to organize a grand feast for Lord Shiva at his palace in Alkapuri. 

He departed to mount Kailash to invite Lord Shiva for the dinner.


Kubera: My lord, I have come to invite you to a grand feast which I have arranged specially for you. Please do come with your entire family, my Lord

Ganesh: A feast! How wonderful! Please cook as many dishes as possible, I will definitely be there.

 Lord Shiva: Kubera I accept your invitation for dinner. You may proceed with your arrangements. 



Kubera bowed respectfully to lord shiva and returned to Alakapuri and started making preparations for the dinner. 

The next day, Aiakapuri, Kubera’s legendary city, was filled up with a festive mood. The whole city was beautifully decorated. The people were busy making preparations for the dinner. The air was filled up with the sound of trumpets blowing, and drums banging in honor of Lord Shiva. 

Experts in the field of cooking were appointed to prepare the best food to be served for the Lords. 

At the moment when Lord Kubera waited anxiously for the arrival of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha appeared all alone in front of him. 


Kubera: Welcome, Lord Ganesha. Where are your parents? Why have you come all alone? 

Lord Ganesha: They could not come here, hence they sent me. So is the feast ready? Shall we go?

Kubera: Mmm, please come. 



Lord Ganesha understood that Kubera had organized this feast to show off his riches and obtain the blessings of lord shiva. Lord Ganesha wanted to teach him a lesson. 

He finished all the food that was served to him as soon as it was served. 

Lord Ganesha: What? is that all? Bring me more food 

When Kubera understood that Ganesha was still hungry, he ordered to prepare more food quickly. The entire stock of grains, vegetables, and fruits in the palace was cooked and served in front of him. 

Ganesha finished all that food.

Lord Ganesha: I am still hungry. Bring me more food. 


Kubera ordered to bring all the food available in the city of Alakapuri to be served to Lord Ganesha.


Ganesha seemed to gulp down all the food served in front of him, and he still felt hungry. Kubera, who wished to obtain the blessings of Lord Shiva, was shocked and stood bewildered at the sight of Ganesha’s appetite. He understood that he would not be able to satisfy Ganesha at all. Not knowing what to do, he immediately ran to seek the help of lord shiva. Kubera prayed to lord shiva and Lord Shiva appeared in front of him. 

Kubera: Oh Lord, please forgive me. I have learned my lesson. I wished to obtain your blessings by showing off my wealth, but Lord Ganesha has humbled me. Oh Lord, forgive me. I am unable to satisfy Ganesha’s hunger with all my riches. You are the protector of this world and now please help me, my Lord. 

Lord Shiva: Kubera, there’s no use in asking me for forgiveness. Go and apologize to Lord Ganesha. Ask him to forgive you. He can save you from your difficulties. 

Kubera: Oh Lord, Forgive me. I am unable to satisfy your hunger with all the riches l have. I have realized my fault. Please forgive my mistakes and bless me, bless me. 

Lord Ganesha: Kubera. Remember only true and sincere devotion will get you our blessings. You can never please us by showing off your wealth. I can be satisfied with a single fruit if offered to me with devotion. I did all this to just teach you a lesson.

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