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Ganesha – Mahabharata

The great Ganesha meets the great Sage.

Who Wrote This Book:

Vyasa was the great sage who gave the Vedas to this world. Once, the beginning of a poem occurred to Vyasa as he sat in meditation. 

He decided to write this epic book to benefit this world. So he prayed with great devotion to the four-headed God Brahma. He prayed all day and all night to seek his blessings. Lord Brahma, pleased with Vyasa‘s prayer, appeared in front of him. 


Lord Brahma: Sage Vyasa, I understand your desire. Pray with sincere devotion to Lord Ganesha. Only he can help you in completing this great book.

Sage Vyasa: As you say, my Lord. 

As Brahma’s order, Sage Vyasa prayed to Lord Ganesha with sincere devotion. Pleased with his prayers, Lord Ganesha appeared in front of him. Vyasa placed his desire to write the great epic in front of Ganesha. 

I will help you in writing the great epic but on one condition. My pen must not stop in between while I am writing. So you should dictate the verses without any pause. 

Sage Vyasa: Oh Yes, My lord. 



They started to write the great epic called the Mahabharata. When Lord Ganesha found he did not have any instrument to write with he broke one of his tusks and used it as a stylus. 

Thus was born the longest epic known to the world- The Mahabharata, by the efforts of sage Vyasa and Lord Ganesha.

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