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Ganesha – Vishnu’s Dharma Chakra

The mighty Lord Vishnu and Great Ganesha


Once when Lord Ganesha, the God of everlasting wisdom, was a small boy who used to play in all the three Lokas. When he was playing in Vaikuntam, the abode of Lord Vishnu, young Ganesha was very much attracted by Lord Vishnu’s dharma chakra. Lord Vishnu was in deep meditation. Ganesha thought the chakra to be a toy and wanted to play with it. 

Suddenly Ganesha grabbed the chakra from Lord Vishnu’s hand. 

On realizing that the dharma chakra was missing from his hand, Lord Vishnu was deeply troubled. Lord Vishnu requested Ganesha to return it to him. But Ganesha, in fear of losing the chakra, put it inside his mouth.

Lord Vishnu: What can be done? How to get it back from Ganesha? What else can I do? There is only one way to get back the chakra. Let me try out this and try to make him laugh, that is the only way.

Lord Vishnu did not know how to get it back from Ganesha. He thought of making Ganesha laugh, so he caught hold of his own ears with his hands, then he bent down and straightened up many times performing the “THOPPUKARANAM”. 

On seeing this, Ganesha began to laugh. He shook so much with laughter that the chakra fell out of his mouth. Immediately the chakra reached the hands of Lord Vishnu. 

Why do we perform the THOPPUKARANAM?

Lord Vishnu performed the Thoppukaranam in front of Ganesha and obtained his chakra. That is why we need to offer Thoppukaranam to please Lord Ganesha and obtain his blessing and get our favors fulfilled.

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