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Kid’s Stories, Hitopadesha Tales – A Robber’S Sacrifice

Friends are important.


Once upon a time, in a far-off village, there were three friends. They spent most of their time together.  They loved each other’s company very much and were always seen together. 

One fine day, the three friends met together as usual and decided to go to a faraway land to earn a lot of wealth.

Friend 1: My dear friends, in the far northern region of this kingdom there is a mountain whose hills and valleys are full of precious gems. We will go there to get the gems. Then we can come back here and lead a wealthy life.

Friend 2: If it is true, we will go in search of our good fortune right now.

Friend 3: Yes, we will go right now.


So the three friends started their journey to the far northern region of their kingdom. They walked on courageously and soon reached the mountain there. They searched for some days and found craters full of gems. They picked up a large piece of gemstone each and came down the mountain. As they were  about to go back, the first friend said


Friend 1: Friends, now all of us have a huge piece of gemstone, but I am afraid to go back home.

Friend 2: Why do you say that? 

Friend 1:  We came here after crossing a river and through a dense forest. Many fierce animals and bandits live in that forest. We were lucky not to have encountered any of them on our way here. But, if we meet some bandits on our way back, they will surely take away our gemstones.

Friend 2: I have a brilliant idea. We will swallow the gemstones with some fruits. Then if the bandits attack or search our belongings, they won’t get any gemstones from us.

Friend 1: That is a good idea.


So the three friends broke their gemstones into tiny pieces and swallowed them with the fruits. As luck would have it, a robber had heard their conversation.

Robber: I should befriend them. When they stop to rest for the night, I will cut open their stomachs and get the gemstones.



So the robber went to the three friends and said

Robber: Hello strangers, I am a traveler. I am scared to cross the dense forest alone. May I accompany you till we reach the city?

Friend3: Why not? After all, the more we are in number, the easier it will be to fight off the fierce animals or bandits. come let’s go,


So the four young men walked on and soon they were passing through the dense forest. The robber felt very happy that his plan was working.  But suddenly they heard some shouts. Soon all of them were surrounded by some bandits.

The bandits took them to their chief bandit. Many more bandits stood by his side. The chief asked them,

Chief: Have you been to the mountain in the north of the kingdom?

Four: Yes.


Chief: Have you found any gems?

Four: No.

Chief: Search them.

Bandit: There is nothing your majesty. You may go now.

Stop! Don’t go now. Tie the young men to poles for the night. In the morning, we will cut their stomach to see if they have swallowed any gems.

Bandits:  Yes, your majesty.


So they were tied to the poles. The robber grew thoughtful.

Robber(to himself): In the morning these bandits will surely kill us by cutting our stomachs. I have led a sinner’s life. I must now die after doing a good deed. In the morning, I will carry out my plan to save the lives of these three friends.


(next morning)

Chief:  Cut their stomachs one by one and search for the gemstones.

Robber:  Your majesty. You don’t believe us if we say that we have not swallowed any gemstones. They are my dear friends and I do not wish to see any of them die in front of my eyes. Therefore, I request you to cut my stomach first. But you must promise me that you should let my friends go if you don’t find any gemstones in my stomach.

Chief: I promise you. Cut open his stomach first.


The bandits took the thief to cut his stomach to see whether he swallowed any gemstones.

Bandit: your majesty there is nothing inside his stomach majesty.

Chief: This man was not lying. He was killed by us even though he told the truth. Surely these men are also telling the truth. So I cannot kill these innocent men. You may go now.


Three friends: Thank you, your majesty.


So the chief bandit ordered his men to free the three friends. The three friends thanked their good fortunes and their helpful, innocent friend for saving their lives, without knowing that he had been a robber.  The three friends returned back to their village happily.

The moral of the story is Children did you see how the robber helped the three friends. So it’s always better to have a sensible enemy instead of having a foolish friend. So choose your friends with care. Come, let’s move on to the next story.

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