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Kid’s stories, Hitopadesha Tales – The Blind Vulture

Always think before you act.


A long time ago, a blind vulture lived on a large tree. He had made his home in the hollow of the tree. Many birds also made their nests on the large tree. The birds used to pity the blind vulture. They used to feed him some leftover scraps from their food. In return, the vulture used to keep an eye on the young fledglings when the birds went out in search of food.

One day, a cat was passing by the tree. He happened to hear the chirping of the fledglings. He thought

Cat: There are many nests with young birds in them on this tree. I can have a good feast for days.  How lucky I am to have found this place?


With these thoughts, the cat climbed up the tree. The young birds saw the cat and started chirping loudly. Their chirping alerted the vulture. He came out and said

Vulture: Who is there?



As the vulture turned its head from side to side, the cat realized that the vulture was blind. To fool the vulture, the cat said.

Cat: O great vulture, I am a cat who has come to see you.

Vulture:  A cat!  A cat is nothing but danger and trouble for us. Go away immediately.

Cat: Oh no! Please don’t send me away. I have not come to harm you or your young birds. When I heard of your kind and noble deeds of taking care of young birds so lovingly, I wished to meet you. I want to make you my teacher. Please give me your blessings and accept me as your disciple.

Vulture: All right, I will accept you as my disciple, but I feel the fledglings are in great danger in your presence.

Cat:  No, my master, you need not fear for I have abstained from flesh and eggs for nearly a year now.


These words swept away the blind vulture’s caution and fear. From that day, the cat would visit the blind vulture every day to discuss spiritual matters. He did not harm the fledglings. Many days passed by and the vulture started trusting the cat. The young birds also did not show any


fear in his presence. But the wicked cat was waiting to win over the vultures trustfully. Then the cat showed his true colors. 

Every day when the birds were away, the blind vulture would take a nap in the afternoon. The cat was aware of this.

One day the wicked cats pounce on the fledglings and ate them all, he also put the remains of the bones in the vulture’s tree hollow. when his wish was fulfilled the wicked cat left the place quietly.

In the evening when the birds returned to their nest they noticed that their young fledglings were missing, they started investigating. They looked around everywhere, but could not find any of their fledglings. They went to ask the blind vulture if he knew anything. But when they reached the vulture’s hollow, they saw the bones of young birds there. The birds concluded that the vulture must have eaten up their young ones. So they attacked the blind vulture with their claws and beaks and pushed him out of the tree hollow. The blind vulture fell down and died.


The moral of the story is dear children do you see how the cat fooled the vulture. If the vulture had not believed in the cat’s words, it would have been alive now. So never believe in flattery. It will lead to destruction.

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