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I Wonder Why – Why Chocolates Are Wrapped In Foil?

Silver or Gold?

Why are chocolates packed in metallic foil?

● Chocolates are generally wrapped in aluminium foil instead of plastic or paper. 

This is mainly to ensure that they avoid contact with air, moisture and light.

● Chocolates are often stored for long periods, so their wrappings are designed to 

protect the contents it holds.

● The aluminium foil  acts  as  a  complete  barrier  to  light  and  oxygen,  odours  and 

flavours, moisture, and bacteria.

● When chocolate is exposed to moisture, it turns brittle or stale with time.


● Milk Chocolate, in particular, gets a white dusty coating if it is exposed to air.

● Aluminium foil has also another advantage in that it is very easy to use and can 

be folded tightly to the chocolate surface.