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I Wonder Why – Why Clouds Turn Black When It Rains?


Why are rain Clouds Black?

● Clouds are formed of tiny water droplets and ice crystals that float in the air.

● Clouds appear white because of the scattering of sunlight. 

● Sunlight consist of seven colours of a rainbow.  When light passes through 

clouds, all the seven colours are scattered by the water droplets and ice particles 

and together they produce a white appearance.

● Rain  Clouds,  however, are  densely  packed  with  water  droplets,  ice  and  snow 

particles. So, light cannot penetrate them. Thus we do not see the rays from the 


sun and this results in a dark effect.

● If  we  look  from  an  aircraft  flying  at  a  high  altitude,  these  dark  clouds  will  look 

white. This is due to the reflection of light falling on them.

● That means the same clouds appear both dark and white at the same time!