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I Wonder Why – Why Flowers Are Differently Coloured?


Why do flowers have different colours?

● Flowers are responsible for the survival of plants from one generation to another.

● Flowers that are bright in colour are meant to attract birds, bees and other insects

which leads to the transfer of pollen from one plant to another and is the only

A possible way to survive.

● Flower colour is due to reflected light from the pigment in the plant. These

pigments, or compounds known as anthocyanidins, are the basic ingredient in

the production of flower colour.


● When Petals contain enough carotene, they will look Yellow, Orange and Dark


● Chlorophyll is the most well-known pigment, providing all that green we see in

leaves and foliage.

● Petals of white flowers have no pigments but are full of air bubbles. If you flatten

the bubbles by squeezing the petals, they will become transparent.

● That is why flowers, which bloom at night are generally white. They can attract

lots of insects in the darkness.


● A flower will look one colour, or one shade of that colour, when the morning sun hits

it, and quite another colour or shade if viewed in the evening, or if planted under a

shady tree.