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I Wonder Why – Why I Sneeze?


I Wonder Why – Why I Sneeze? PR034 UNIV 12

Why do we sneeze?

● Sneezing is our body’s way of saying ‘No!’ to tiny particles that enter through our


● The nose has its ways of keeping out bits of dust and dirt either the hairs in us

nostrils or they get stuck in the mucus in our nasal passages. When these

particles irritate the lining of our nose, we feel a tickle in our nose triggering a


● During a normal sneeze, we take in a big breath, then expel the air very forcefully


out through our nose and mouth, expelling the offending particle.

● If you are allergic to plant pollen, animal hair, or some food items, it may end up in

a bout of sneezing. You may also sneeze when you catch a cold.

● There is the custom of saying “gesundheit” in Germany and ‘Bless you’ in other

parts of the world, when you sneeze. It was believed that sneezing means that

you are about to fall ill and the person standing near you says ‘Bless you wishing

your good health soon.