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I Wonder Why – Why The Sky Is Blue In Color?

Blue skies

Why is the sky blue?

● The Earth’s atmosphere is filled with trillions of tiny dust particles. These particles 

are too small to be seen with the human eye.

● As the light from our Sun shines into the atmosphere, most of the colors are able 

to reach the Earth’s surface uninterrupted. 

● However,  because  blue  light  has  a  wavelength  that  is  the  same  size  as  the 

particulates in the air,  this light is scattered in every direction.  This blue light 

bounces from particulate to particulate until it eventually reach your eyes.


● This  blue  light  originated  with  the  Sun,  was  bounced  around  in  the  sky  many 

times, and then eventually reached your eyes.

● Now, during sunrise and sunset, the light traveling through the atmosphere is longer 

at the horizon, then if you were to look up high in the sky. There is more dust 

particles  at  the  horizon,  so  that  is  why  you  see  such  pretty colors like  red, 

oranges and yellows.