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I Wonder Why – Why The Snow Is White In Color?

White color

Why is snow white?

● One of the reasons that so many people love snow is that it coats everything in a 

clean, “pure” white blanket.

● Snow forms when water vapor in the atmosphere freezes.  As the vapor 

freezes clear transparent crystals are formed.  The Currents that are in the air 

make these crystals go up and down in the atmosphere and they begin to gather 

around tiny particles that are in the clouds. When a group of ice crystals is big 

enough, it floats down to Earth as a snowflake.


● The crystals that make up a snowflake always form six-pointed stars.  No two 

snowflakes have ever been found to be exactly alike.

● Each snowflake is made up of individual ice crystals arranged together. When a 

light  photon  enters  a  layer  of  snow,  it  goes  through  an  ice  crystal  on  the  top, 

which changes its direction slightly and sends it on to a new ice crystal, which 

does the same thing.