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Kid’s Stories, Fairy Tales – Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack and his thoughtful mind.

Kid’s Stories, Fairy Tales – Jack And The Beanstalk PR044 06

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack. He lived with his mother in a small cottage. Jack and his mother were very poor and their most valuable possession was their cow.
One morning, Jack’s mother called him and said

Mother: Jack, take the cow to the market and get a good price for her so that we can buy food.

Jack: Alright, mother!


So Jack set out to market along with the cow. On his way to the market, Jack met an old man.

Old man: I know you are going to sell this cow! Give it to me, and take these magic beans.

Jack was thrilled. He quickly gave the cow to the old man, took the beans, and ran home.

Jack: Mother, see what I brought!

Jack showed the beans to his mother, getting excited.

Mother: How could you hand over our cow for five old beans? What will we live on now? We shall starve to death, you stupid boy.


And then she threw the beans out of the window. That night, Jack and his mother slept without food.
When Jack woke the next morning there was a huge towering beanstalk right outside the window where mother had thrown the beans. The beanstalk reached right into the clouds.

Jack: Let me see what’s up there!


Jack thought as he started climbing up the beanstalk. Far beyond the clouds, there was a magnificent castle. The beanstalk led Jack right to the door of the castle. Jack became curious and walked in.

Inside, there were many rooms. Walking slowly, Jack came into a large room filled with sacks and barrels of gold coins. And in a corner, there was giant snoring in deep sleep. Jack picked up as many gold coins as he could and ran to the door. Climbing down the beanstalk, Jack reached back home.

Jack: Mother! Look what I have brought for you. We will never be poor again.

He scattered the gold coins on the table. Mother was thrilled to see the gold coins. Jack then told her about the palace above the beanstalk and the giant.

Jack and his mother used the gold to buy food. But the day came when the money ran out, and Jack decided to climb the beanstalk again.

Once again he went to the giant’s palace. This time Jack found that the giant had a hen with him. Every time he said

Gaint: Lay!!

The hen laid an egg of solid gold. Jack wanted to take the hen home. He waited until the giant fell asleep. As soon as the giant was snoring, Jack picked up the hen, but the hen started crowing loudly. Jack raced down the room towards the beanstalk with the giant’s footsteps thundering behind him.

Gaint: Wait! You are a thief! How dare you take away my precious hen?

Jack ran fast and started to climb down the beanstalk. The giant followed, and now the whole beanstalk shook and shuddered with his weight. At last, he reached the ground and seizing an axe he chopped at the beanstalk with all his might.

The giant came tumbling down and lay dead at their feet.
Jack showed the hen to his mother.

Jack: Mother, this hen lays golden eggs.

Jack, you were clever to exchange the cow for the magic beans.


From that day, Jack and his mother lived happily and in great comfort for a long, long time.

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