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Krishna vs Demons – End of Aghasur

The friends of Lord Krishna are walking into a trap! Can Lord Krishna save the day?! FInd out below!!

The evil king Kamsa is once again upto his nefarious and devious schemes to eliminate Lord Krishna. This time, he seeks the help of a demon named Aghasura to kill Lord Krishna. Aghasura is the brother of Putana and Bakasura. So, he sees this as an opportunity to get revenge as well. Taking the form of a big snake, Aghasura goes to Krishna’s village and disguises himself as a mountain and opens his mouth as if it is a cave leading a path into the mountain.

Lord Krishna and his friends are playing nearby and soon, they discover this cave. The friends go exploring and they enter the cave, which is the mouth of Aghasura. Aghasura waits patiently for Lord Krishna to walk in as well. Lord Krishna knows completely well what the demon is upto and nevertheless walks into it. As soon as Lord Krishna walks in, Aghasura instantly snaps his mouth shut, imprisoning everyone inside. Lord Krishna immediately starts to grow in size and Aghasura too does the same. But Aghasura is unable to keep up with Lord Krishna and eventually dies from suffocation. Lord Krishna and the boys then return home happily. 

Once again, the plans of the evil Kamsa crumble to dust in front of the mighty Lord Krishna.

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