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Krishna vs Demons – End of Pralamb

As the evil Kamsa plans to kidnap Balarama, can Lord Krishna save his brother in time?!

The evil king Kamsa was once again upto no good. He had heard of the tales surrounding Balarama and Lord Krishna. Soon, he was thinking of a plan to kill Lord Krishna, when he suddenly came upon an idea. He called a demon named Pralamb and told him to abduct Balarama in order to reduce the strength of Lord Krishna. Pralamb at once went to the spot where Lord Krishna was playing with his friends. Pralamb changed his appearance as a cowherd and started to play with Lord Krishna and his friends. Lord Krishna saw that a stranger was among them and came up with a plan to kill the demon.

So they split themselves into two teams and played a game. The losing team had to carry the winning team on their back as the prize. Lord Krishna played with Pralamb on one team and Balarama played on the other team. As the game progressed, Lord Krishna deliberately made sure to lose, so that they would carry the opposite team. Pralamb saw this as an opportunity to kidnap Balarama and run away. So, he offered to carry Balarama and when no one was watching, he ran away revealing his true form. But, Balarama was not afraid at all. Instead he raised his hand and beat down hard on the demon’s head, killing him instantly. Hearing the noise, Lord Krishna and the other friends came to the spot and congratulated Balarama on his victory.

Once again the evil king Kamsa failed miserably in his devious scheme to assassinate Lord Krishna.

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