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Krishna vs Demons – Krishna and Trinavart

What happens when a baby falls from the sky? The baby is sure to die, but read the story of a baby who survived!!

Kamsa was once again planning how to kill Lord Krishna and now he went to seek the help of a demon named Trinavarta. Trinavarta was a demon who had the power to create whirlwinds and storms. He readily agreed to Kamsa saying that he would drop Lord Krishna from such a height that he would die instantly. Trinavarta then went disguised as a servant to the house of Nanda and Yasodha. The proceedings were underway for the first birthday of baby Krishna and Yasodha was carrying him. Lord Krishna slowly started to increase his weight and eventually Yasodha could not carry him. So she left him down and proceeded with the housework.

Trinavarta saw this as a good opportunity and immediately kidnapped baby Krishna. He created a huge whirlwind of dust and sand so that the entire village was drowned in it and no one could see anything. Trinavarta then lifted baby Krishna high into the air and started moving fast into the clouds. Baby Krishna continued to increase his weight and grabbed hold of Trinavarta’s neck. Trinavarta tried hard to carry baby Krishna further into the sky, but eventually he could not as Krishna was much heavier than a mountain now. Unable to bear the weight, Trinavarta fell down from the sky with such force that upon impact with the earth, his body shattered to pieces and he was instantly dead. 

Thus concludes the story of one of the many unsuccessful attempts by Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna.

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