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English Stories

Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – Farmer His Son And The Donkey

Never, “want” ,to please everyone.


Countryside with houses and trees (a farmer, his son, and a donkey enter stage)

Farmer: Tell me, my son, did you feed our donkey?

Son: Yes, father. Where are we going so early?

Father: We´re going to town to do some shopping. Come on, hurry up, it´s getting late.

(they walk a little. A man enters the stage)

Man: Good morning… Where are you going so early?

Farmer: We´re going to town.


Man: Forgive me for asking, why are you going on foot if you can ride your donkey?

Son: That´s right, father! Tell me why?

Farmer: I appreciate your advice… and goodbye, it´s getting late. (the man leaves stage) Who´s going to ride the donkey?

Son: You are, father. I can walk.

(the man gets on the donkey and walks a little. A woman carrying a basket enters the stage)

Farmer: Good morning, Madam.

Woman: Good Morning (she stops and watches them). I know that this is none of my business… but, why is this poor, little, and sweet boy walking? And why is this strong man riding the donkey?

Son: (thinking) She is right. Don´t you think so father?


Farmer: Ok, let´s try.

(the farmer gets off the donkey and his son gets on. They walk a little. An old man enters the stage).

Old Man: Good morning… (he stops and watches them)

Farmer: Good morning…

Old Man: Oh my! When I was young these things never happened! Why is a young and healthy boy riding the donkey, when his poor father is walking? This is so disrespectful! Oh, my!

(the old man leaves the stage whispering)

Farmer: What do you think about what the old man said?

Son: I think he´s right. It would be better if you too ride the donkey.


(the farmer gets on the donkey, now both are riding the donkey, and walk a little. A girl enters the stage running).

Girl: (approaches the donkey) What a sweet donkey! What´s his name?

Son: His name is Banjo.

Girl: Oh, poor Banjo! Look at his tired face. Why are you both riding this poor donkey? (she leaves stage whispering… Poor donkey!

Farmer: (a little impatient) And now, what are we going to do, my son?

Son: I think that the girl is right, father. Banjo looks tired, Let´s carry the donkey ourselves and nobody will criticize us.

Farmer: Ok, let’s see what happens.

(both get off the donkey and carry it. They can hardly walk. The man, the woman, the old man, and the girl enter the stage)


Man: (laughing) What´s this! I´ve never seen anything like this!

Woman : (laughing) What a pair of fools!

Old Man: How funny you look carrying a donkey…

(they leave the stage)

Farmer: (angry) And now, what are we going to do, my son?

Son: To tell you the truth. I don´t know, father. We did what they told us to do, but we couldn´t please them. Everybody criticized us, and now they laugh at us.

Farmer: Look, my son. I wanted you to see with your own eyes that there are many different opinions and that it´s not possible to please everybody.

Son: I can see that, father. They laughed at us because we tried to please them, but what are we going to do now?


Farmer: Well, you must think right and decide what you think it´s better.

Son: Even if nobody agrees. I know what to do! You will ride the donkey half of the way, and I will ride him the other half. Along the way, we can also walk a little so that Banjo can rest.

Farmer: (gets on the donkey) Well done, my son. We will do just that. Come on Banjo, start walking!

Son: (looking convinced) Let the people talk.

(they leave stage singing)


We can not always do what people want us to do.  We can´t please everybody because there will always be someone who will not agree with us. Don´t listen to other people’s gossip.

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