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Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – Fox And The Crow.

Never trust everyone who tries to please you.


One day, while he was out walking, a fox saw a crow swoop down and pick up a piece of cheese in its beak. The crow then flapped its wings and flew up onto a high branch in a nearby tree.

CROW: Mmmm mmm!

Fox (said the fox to himself.): That’s a tasty-looking piece of cheese. Hey, I should have that cheese. I’m the fox and I deserve it. I’m a sly, smooth-talking fox too. I’ll have it soon enough.


The fox walked over to the foot of the tree.

Fox: Hi, Miss Crow.



Naturally, she was taught never to speak with her mouth full, so she doesn’t greet the fox when he arrives to sit under her branch.

Fox: How are you today? You’re looking mighty fine. Is there something different about you? Your feathers look so glossy and black and your eyes are sparkling like diamonds


The crow didn’t answer with her mouth full of cheese.

Fox: If you can sing as good as you look then I’ll have to call you Queen of all Birds.


Flattered by all the compliments from the fox, and wanting to be called Queen of all Birds, the crow lifted her head and began to sing.

CROW : Grak! Graaak! Grak!


But the moment she opened her mouth, down fell the cheese into the waiting mouth of the fox below.

Fox: Yes!!! I got what I wanted.

Crow: Oh no, I dropped the cheese! you’ve stolen my dinner!

The fox looked up at the sad crow in the tree…

Fox: Not at all! ( licking his lips) It was a fair enough trade! Vain crow, with your head up in the trees! You got the compliments, and I got the cheese! Mm! It’s so delicious!


Never trust flattery.

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