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Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Bundle Of Sticks

A team always must Stay together.

Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Bundle Of Sticks PR047 10


Lying on his deathbed, Father calls his children to him. He has one last life lesson to teach.

FATHER(Weakly): Come here, my children. I have one more bit of advice to give before I must leave you.

SONS (Respectfully): We’re here, Father, ready to listen and learn.

FATHER: My good Sons, I offer you this bundle of sticks.

ELDEST SON: Father, a common bundle of sticks is of no importance to us!

FATHER: Perhaps. One of you pick up the bundle and break it for me.

ELDEST SON: Yes, Father. I can surely do that simple task for you.



The muscular boy grasps the collection of sticks and attempts to bend and break the stubborn bundle.

ELDEST SON (Ashamed): Sorry, Father, I am unable to do as you ask. Even using all my might, I can’t do it. It’s impossible!

SECOND SON: I’m sure I can do it. Let me break the bundle! (Grunts with the effort, gives up in disgust)

YOUNGEST SON: Maybe I have the right technique. Give me a turn! (Unable to lift the bundle he tries a karate chop)


All three boys are distressed because they cannot fulfill this one simple request made by their Father.

FATHER: All of you failed to do the job on your own. Now, untie the bundle and each of you take a single stick.



The three obedient youngsters followed Father’s instructions once more.

FATHER(Confidently): Now, break the sticks!


To their great surprise and relief, each boy snaps his stick with ease.

SONS: Incredible! That way is really easy!

FATHER: Remember, trying to accomplish something on your own can be difficult.

Working together, my Sons, you are powerful!



Unity gives strength.

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