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Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Honest Woodcutter.

Lying can get you in trouble.

Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Honest Woodcutter. PR047 03


Once there lived a woodcutter. He was very poor but he was an honest man. Every day he went to the forest to collect wood. One day he climbed up a tree as he wanted to cut its branch. The tree was near a river and the branch was over the river. Suddenly his axe fell into the river.

Woodcutter: Oh no! I lost my axe! The river is so deep and I will not be able to get my axe back! What am I going to do? How am I going to support my family?


The woodcutter stared helplessly into the water when suddenly a beautiful lady emerged from the river.

Woodcutter: Who are you?

Fairy: I am the fairy of this river. I come out of the water when I hear a sad voice. What is wrong?

Woodcutter: I lost my axe. It fell into the river.


Fairy: don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.


The fairy went inside the water and came out with a silver axe.

Fairy: Is this your axe?


The woodcutter thought of all the things he could buy for his family if he sold that silver axe. But it didn’t belong to him.

Woodcutter: No, mine has a wooden handle.

Fairy: Let me get it, then.



The fairy went again inside the water and came out with another axe.

Fairy: Is this yours?

Woodcutter: No! That axe is made of gold. It´s worth more than mine.

Fairy: Let me go again inside the water.


When the fairy came out of the water, she had the woodcutter’s axe.

Woodcutter: Ah! That is my axe! Without any doubt… that is my old axe!


Fairy: This is your axe, but you can also have the other two. They are a gift from the river because you have told the truth.

Woodcutter: Oh, thank you!


And that night the woodcutter went home with his three axes.

Woodcutter: I am happy… Now my family will have everything they need.


Honesty is the best policy.

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