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Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Thirsty Crow.

An idea that saved the Crow.


It was a hot summer day. A crow was very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water. But he could not find water anywhere.

CROW: Oh my, It’s hot! I’m so thirsty, I can’t even ca-ca-caw!

Aha! What’s that down there? Ooh, At last, a pot of water!


He flew joyfully towards it and peeped in. He was very happy. He found some water in the pot. He tried to reach for the water but could not reach it because it was at the bottom. He strained and struggled but he still could not reach it.

CROW: (Grunts as he tries to get his beak into the opening of the pitcher) Fooey! My beak is too big to get to the bottom. The pot is too narrow for me! Bah! Who made a pot like this? I am dying of thirst!



Then he tried to overturn the pot so that he could at least have a little of the water when it spills on the ground. But he was not strong enough to do this. The crow thought hard for a while.

CROW: Hmmm …. what to do. (Paces back and forth) Aha! I have a good idea!

(Flies away and returns with pebbles)


One after the other, the crow drops many pebbles into the pot.

CROW: One, two, three …………..hundred and sixty-eight.


As more and more pebbles filled the pot, the water rises little by little in the pot.

Soon the water is within the reach of the crow’s anxious beak.


CROW: Here it is. Now I can drink as much as I want!  Ah! It’s so refreshing! Now I can caw again. (Flies away cawing loudly)


Necessity is the mother of invention

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