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Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Turtle And The Eagle.

Smile and be happy.

Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Turtle And The Eagle. PR047 13

(A Turtle and an Eagle are talking)

Eagle: What are you thinking about?

Turtle: I would like to fly, just like you do.

Eagle: Why, Turtle? Why would you like to fly?

Turtle: Because walking is boring… I’m very slow.

Eagle: But you haven’t answered my question, Turtle.

Turtle: Yes, I did… I want to fly because…

Eagle: Because you don’t like to walk, because you think it’s boring. Just tell me why you want


to fly.

Turtle: Isn’t it the same?

Eagle: No. Try again.

Turtle: I want to fly because it’s not fun being on the ground. Because I take too long to get to

any place, and I get tired.

Eagle: Here we go again… you told me what you don’t want. Try again.

Turtle: I want to fly because I want to feel free! I want to see the stars. I want to see everything from above. I want to be just like you… Oh, if I could just fly at least for a minute. Come on,

Eagle, teach me how to fly.


Eagle: But you don’t have wings, so you can’t fly.

Turtle: I could pay you… you know.

Eagle: Mmmm… how much can you pay me?

Turtle: I’ll give you a hundred gold coins.

Eagle: Very well, you convinced me.

Turtle: Yes! Yes!

Eagle: I’ll grab you with my feet, don’t be scared.

(Eagle holds Turtle and takes him through the air)


Turtle: This is so fun! Yeah! Oh, this is wonderful!

Eagle: I’m glad that you are enjoying the ride.

Turtle: Oh, thank you, thank you, Eagle!

Eagle: It’s time to go down.

Turtle: No, wait! I see a bunch of turtles over there… I want them to see me!

Eagle: Why do you want them to see you? You wanted to fly just for the fun of it.

Turtle: Well, yes… but I’m sure that they are going to be jealous of me.

Eagle: Jealous of you? They are your friends, and true friends don’t get jealous.


Turtle: But I am unique!

Eagle: Don’t be so vain, Turtle.

Turtle: It’s the truth… they will envy me! They will never get to fly as I do!

Eagle: I don’t like the way you are talking…. I’m getting tired of you… so go, and fly on your own!

Turtle: No! … what about the money?

Eagle: I don’t care about the money! If you want them to see you up in the sky, then show them that you can fly. Have a nice trip!

(Eagle lets Turtle go, and she falls on a mountain and cries)

Turtle: Ouch… ouch!


(Two turtles approach the Turtle)

Turtle 1: That must have hurt a lot!

Turtle: Yes it did… but I’m glad that my shell saved my life.

Turtle 2: I feel sorry for you. If you can hardly walk in the ground, what were you doing in the sky?

Turtle: I learned my lesson.


Be happy with what you have.

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