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Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Wolf And The Donkey.

Look into a person and not just the outer shell.


Once upon a time, there was a donkey who was walking through the woods, when suddenly he stepped over a sharp thorn.

Donkey: Ha, ya, ya, ya, ya it doesn’t hurt!… but I want to cry. No, I won’t cry!… Yes, I’ll cry!.


And the donkey cried and cried. Then he put his foot again on the floor.

Donkey: Ha, ya, ya, ya, ya, it hurts!


The donkey cried and cried once again. Suddenly he saw a wolf.

Donkey: (thinking) Oh, no! That wolf is watching me. I am sure he will eat me, and I can’t escape from him! What am I going to do?



After a few minutes, he decided to talk to the wolf.

Donkey: Ha, ya, ya, ya, ya Mr. Wolf…. Ha, ya, ya, ya, ya Mr. Wolf….

Wolf: What’s wrong?

Donkey: Ha, ya, ya, ya, ya Mr. Wolf… look at me! I am suffering… please…don’t let me die… ha, ya, ya, ya, ya Mr. Wolf, what big teeth you have… you can use your teeth to remove this prickly thorn from my hoof.

Wolf: Do you think so?

Donkey: Sure. Before I die try to remove it, then you can eat me.

Wolf: But… if I remove the thorn, why should you die?

Donkey: Because I am not fine ha, ya, ya, ya, ya … do what you have to do… now!

Wolf: Very well… I will use my teeth to remove it.

Donkey: Will it hurt?


Wolf: Don’t be scared… just stretch your leg.

Donkey: Ha, ya, ya, ya, ya (thinking) as soon as he pulls out the thorn I will kick him.

Wolf: You are free! The thorn is gone!


The donkey kicked the wolf with his heels as hard as he could breaking his teeth, and then he ran away.

Wolf: Oh no! poor me!… I wanted to help you, and now I don’t even have my teeth!


Not everyone is bad. Always consider other possibilities.

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