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Ramayana – Sita Abducted by Ravana

The turning point in Ramayana, which leads to the great war – see how one man’s greed leads to the beginning of the downfall of a kingdom!

Ramayana – Sita Abducted by Ravana PR046 UNIV 04

When Lord Rama, Laksmana and Sita were in Panchavati, a demoness by the of Shurpanakha saw them. She fell in love with Lord Rama and approached him. Lord Rama replied saying that he can only marry once and as he was already married to Sita, he cannot marry once again. He then told Shurpanakha to ask Lakshmana. After asking him, she found that he was married too and now she got angry. She realised that they were playing with her. In a fury, she tried to attack Sita and Lakshmana in retaliation, chopped off her nose and ears. Screaming in pain she went back to Lanka to report this incident to Ravana. Ravana then decided to attack and abduct Sita and so he went to Panchavati in his Pushpaka vimana. But on the way, he decided to take the help of Maricha.

When Ravana told Maricha about the plan to abduct Sita, Maricha advised him against it, citing that it was unwise to attack Lord Rama. But, Ravana threatened him and made him agree. So, Ravana and Maricha go to Panchavati to kidnap Sita. There, Maricha, using his powers as a demon, transforms into a golden deer and runs in front of Sita. Sita, who is attracted by it, wants it at any cost and she asks Lord Rama to capture it for her however possible. Lord Rama felt something suspicious was afoot here and tried to avoid getting distracted. But Sita is adamant and keeps pestering Lord Rama to capture the deer for her. He finally goes without any other choice, leaving Sita under the protection of Lakshmana.

Lord Rama chases the golden deer into the forest and is soon far from Sita. He decides to kill it knowing it is a demon. But as soon as the arrow hits Maricha, he shouts for help calling out the names of Sita and Lakshmana in the voice of Lord Rama. Sita, worried for Lord Rama, persuades Lakshmana to go and help him. But Lakshmana knows that no harm can befall Lord Rama. After repeated persuasion from Sita, he finally goes after drawing a line around the perimeter of the house. This line was known as Lakshman Rekha. He told Sita not to cross that line for her own safety and if anyone else crossed it, they would die instantly. So saying, Lakshmana leaves Sita alone to help Lord Rama. Ravana then arrives in the guise of a poor brahmin asking for alms. Sita goes to help him, crossing the Lakshman Rekha. Ravana immediately shows his true form and kidnaps Sita. He then takes her to Lanka on his Pushpaka vimana. On the way, he encounters Jatayu, who tries to stop him from taking away Sita. But after a great fight, Ravana cuts off one of the wings of Jatayu and he falls to the ground. Sita silently removes her jewels and ties them in a piece of her saree, she drops them below. He then reaches Lanka with Sita.

When Lord Rama and Lakshmana come back to their hut, they find that Sita is missing and so they go out in search of her. They then come across the injured Jatayu and thank him for his valiant sacrifice. Jatayu then dies due to his injuries, as Lord Rama and Lakshmana move towards the south.

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