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Ramayana – Sri Rama Weds Sita

Sri Rama proceeds to Mithila with Lakshmana and sage Vishvamitra, but is everything going to go well? Read below to see what happens!

Ramayana – Sri Rama Weds Sita PR046 UNIV 02

After the slaying of the demons, Sri Rama went to Mithila along with Lakshmana and sage Vishvamitra. There, they heard an announcement saying that there was a swayamvar being held by the king for his daughter Sita. So, they decided to attend the swayamvar. There, various kings from around the world were present, to win the hand of Sita. The swayamvar consisted of a task where the suitor had to lift a huge bow which was very heavy and string it. Many people tried, but they were unable to even lift the bow high enough to string it. Then it was Lord Rama’s turn. He came and lifted the bow with ease and then when he attempted to string it, the bow broke with a loud noise. The king was highly pleased with Lord Rama and he was married to Sita shortly. Lakshmana was married to SIta’s sister Urmila and all of them went back to Ayodhya.

Once upon a time, Kaikeyi had helped Dasharatha to fix his chariot and also healed him. Dasharatha was very pleased and granted her two boons. But Kaikeyi did not use them immediately and Manthara came to know about this. Manthara started to brainwash Kaikeyi that Bharata was the rightful heir to the throne and that Lord Rama must be banished. Upon continuous persuasion, Manathara finally convinced Kaikeyi.

On the day of Lord Rama’s coronation, Kaikeyi went and asked Dasharatha for her two boons to be granted. Dasharatha had no other choice but to agree. Kaikeyi then asked for her son, Bharata to be crowned as king and also demanded the exile of Lord Rama for a period of 14 years. Dasharatha was heartbroken and Lord Rama agreed to go too.

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