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Solar System – Saturn.

Sixth planet.

Solar System – Saturn. PR049EN08 1080

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. The volume of Saturn is 763 times the volume of earth. Its density is 0.70 times the density of water. Its mass is 95.18 times the mass of earth. Saturn is one of the ‘gas giant’ planets. It is also called the “ringed planet.” Saturn is a very stormy place. The winds can travel at 1170 km per hour. The fastest winds recorded on earth reached 512 km per hour. Under the clouds of methane and helium, the sky gradually turns into liquid until it becomes a giant ocean of liquid chemicals. The storms on Saturn look like great white spots. Saturn has the largest and brightest system of rings in the solar system. The rings are made of ice with some dust and rock. There are seven rings around Saturn. Some are very small and difficult to see. Saturn has moons of many sizes. At least 62 moons orbit Saturn. Pan is the smallest moon that has been discovered. Titan is Saturn’s largest moon. It is about half the size of the earth. Saturn orbits the sun roughly 1427 million kilometers away. Saturn has a diameter of 120,536 kilometers. The average temperature on Saturn is minus 180 degrees Celsius. It takes Saturn only 11 earth hours to spin on its axis one time. Saturn journeys 29.4 earth years to go around the sun once. Saturn has 60 moons.

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