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Sri Krishna – Krishna and Mount Govardhan

Can a human lift a mountain? Can a human make a stand against the god of war? Read this amazing story to find out!!

Sri Krishna – Krishna and Mount Govardhan PR045 UNIV 07

Once upon a time the people of the Gokul village were happy and rejoicing themselves. Krishna too was roaming as usual with his cows and friends. One day, Nanda and the elder people of the Gokul village decided to perform a pooja for Lord Indra in order to have a good farming season. Lord Krishna then intervened saying that one must instead focus these efforts on themselves instead of offering obligations to gods. The people at first disagreed, but later upon further explanation and persuasion by Lord Krishna, they agreed and halted the preparations for the pooja.

Seeing this, Lord Indra got angry and decided to punish the people for listening to a small boy. Lord Indra then called upon Samavartaka, the great clouds of destruction and ordered him to rain heavily and flood the village of Gokul with water. Heavy rains started and soon the people started suffering. Fields were getting flooded and the people went to Lord Krishna for help. He took his flute and played a sweet, melodious tune from it. The people followed him as he walked towards the Govardhan mountain.

Lord Krishna then immediately lifted the Govardhan mountain and balanced it on his little finger, letting it act as an umbrella so that the people of Gokul could take shelter from the rain under it. The rain continued for 7 days continuously and Lord Krishna held the mountain effortlessly for that period. Finally as the skies cleared and sunshine came, Lord Krishna set the mountain back in its place. Lord Indra then realised his mistake and asked for forgiveness from Lord Krishna who in turn blessed him.

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