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Mythological Stories

Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Ant And The Dove.

Never underestimate even the little things.


One warm sunny day, a thirsty Ant went to the river to quench his thirst with some cool sweet water.

ANT: I am so thirsty! There’s the river. I must go down there to drink


Halfway down, the ant slips and falls into the swift-running river.

ANT: Help! Help! I’m being carried away. The flow of the river is too strong for me!


A dove sees the ant in danger.

DOVE: Oh no! The ant is in trouble!



Thinking quickly, she threw some leaves into the river near the Ant.

DOVE: Hurry little Ant, climb onto a leaf!


Ant gratefully climbed himself up onto a leaf and floated safely to the shore. Meanwhile, a hunter enters and sees the dove.

HUNTER: Perfect! A lovely, plump dove. She doesn’t sense that I’m here, so I should be able to easily trap her!


Ant, recovering on the bank, saw Hunter hiding behind a tree, preparing to catch the gentle Dove.

ANT: Oh no, my friend Dove is in danger! I must save her.


The little Ant shook off the water and scrambled over to the Hunter. With all his might, he pricked the man’s heel.


HUNTER (Jumping up and down in pain): Ow! Ow! My foot!


Dove was startled by Hunter’s wailing and fled to the safety of a high branch.

DOVE: That was a close one. Many thanks to your quick thinking, little friend!

ANT: You are most welcome! It was the least I could do.


One good turn deserves another.

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