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Moral Stories

Morals for kids – Aesop’s Fables – The Fox And The Goat

Look and walk ahead don’t look and jump ahead.


One hot sunny day, a thirsty fox was walking in the woods, when he saw a well, and when trying to look inside, he fell in.

Fox: Oh, this well is very deep  How will I get out again.  I can´t jump very high.  All I wanted was some water, but not this much.


At that moment, a thirsty goat was passing by and heard a noise coming from the well.

Goat: What are you doing down there, fox?  Did you lose something?

Fox: No, my dear friend. I just wanted to drink some water. I was so thirsty, and this water is so refreshing.  Come down here and taste it for yourself.

Goat: Really?  Is that true?


Goat jumped down into the well.


Goat: You were right! This water is so sweet and fresh.  But, how are we going to get out from here?

Fox: Well, the top of the well is high, but if you stand still I can climb on your back and jump to the top.  As soon as I am out, I will help you to get out too.


So the goat stood still, and the fox climbed out and looked down at the goat.

Fox: Thanks for your help friend.  See you soon.

Goat:  My dear friend!  Please, listen to me, don´t leave me here.  How am I going to get out?

Fox: You should have thought about that before going into the well. Do you remember the saying, ¨look before you leap¨? This is what it means.


And the fox ran away.



Look Before You Leap.

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