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Mythological Stories

Stories about, Sri Krishna – Krishna And Fruit Seller.

A fruity affair.


One day while Krishna was playing with Balarama and his other friends, He heard the voice of a woman crying out in the street.

Fruit Seller: Fruits! Bananas! Mangos! Oranges! Guava!

Fruits! Bananas! Mangos! Oranges! Guava


Immediately Krishna wanted to buy some of them. When the fruit­seller saw Krishna, she became completely absorbed in his wonderful sight.

Krishna: Oh dear lady,  I want to eat fruits! Give me some of them.

Fruit Seller: What will you give me in return?


Immediately Krishna wanted to buy some of them. But he had no money. His eager eyes noticed a huge heap of grains stocked nearby. He collected a handful of grains in his tiny hands and ran to the street. The fruit­seller was waiting outside the gate.  


Krishna: I’ve brought lots of grains with me. You can take them for the fruits.

Fruit Seller: Oh boy, there are no grains in your hands.


Krishna looked at His hands and was surprised to see that all the grains were gone. But He still wanted the fruits. The fruit­seller looked at Krishna’s face and said.

Fruit Seller: If you call me ‘Mother’ and sit on my lap, you may take all the fruits that you like.


Krishna looked around to see if anyone was around. He quickly jumped into the lady’s lap and said.

Krishna: Mother!


Then immediately He jumped out of her lap and demanded


you should give me fruits.


The fruit­seller lady was delighted, she wanted to give him everything, all of her fruits. He held the fruits against His chest with both hands, and went off dancing, as small boys do. When she went home and looked into her basket she could not believe her eyes. The basket was full of jewels and gold. By performing this miracle Krishna showed that anything offered to Him with love and affection returns to the devotees a thousandfold increased.

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