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Mythological Stories

Stories about, Sri Krishna – Krishna And The Cosmic Form.

The power in his eyes.


Gokul was a small village on the bank of river Yamuna. Most of the people of Gokul were cowherds. Nandagopal was their chief. Krishna as a baby, growing in the house of Yashoda and Nandagopal, was everything they could have dreamed for in a child. One day Yashoda left him playing with his playthings inside the house and went into the kitchen. He looked around, and walked out of the door straight into the garden, and play in the mud. When Yashoda came out of the kitchen, she found that Krishna was not to be seen anywhere inside the house.

Yashoda: Krishna! You Mischievous Fellow! Where are you?


Hearing her voice, he went to her slowly.

Yashoda: What is in your mouth?


He looked up at her and shook his head from side to side.

Yashoda: Open your mouth right now.  


Yashoda saw the earth and all the seven seas and the mountains and the deserts. She saw the sun and the moon. She saw the stars in their galaxies stretching endlessly into space. She saw the entire universe. And then he closed his little mouth. She was struck with fear and wonder.


Yashoda: I am not dreaming, my eyes are open I am actually seeing what is happening before. So this vision must be due to some divine power of my son.


Mother Yashoda too forgot the entire incident and she took the child into the house.

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