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Top 100 Tamil Rhymes Vol - 1

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This Top 25 Tamil Rhymes for Children is the best among all our Tamil baby songs or Tamil rhymes for Kids and also this rhymes is for the Tamil babies and this Tamil rhymes for children and also Tamil baby songs and Tamil Rhymes for Kids.

Kid's rhymes are not easy to frame, especially when it means having to hold onto their attention through the entire stretch of the song. All the songs listed in our Chellame Chellam Collection have been taken off the works of the famous Children's poet - Azha Valliappa. Hailing from the village Rayavaram in the Pudukkottai District, Azha Valliappa began his poetic writing from the ripe age of 13. And ever since, he has written over 50 books and about a 1000 songs for children and more in Tamil as well as other Dravidian languages. You might notice how his songs have a catchy rhythm and make you want to sing over and over and at the same time, understand the intended topic.

MagicBox proudly presents Azha Valliapa's collection of Tamil Rhymes and songs in the most friendly and easy to understand set of animation. Each song is different from the other, teaching a new topic in the most enjoyable manner. So watch these videos, sing along, and enjoy learning. Don't forget to subscribe for new updates. Remember, your opinion is most valuable to us, so share your feedback below.

"Top 100 Hit Songs of Chellame Chellam" (Tamil Rhymes For Kids)

Singer: Saindhavi

Baby Songs

01 Chinna Chinna Dosaiyaam.mp4

02 Chinna Pappa.mp4

03 Nil Nil.mp4

04 Pappa Azhadhey.mp4

05 Vatta Nila.mp4

Birds Songs

06 Aandhai.mp4

07 Ayyoda.mp4

08 Chittu Kuruvi.mp4

09 En Deivam.mp4

10 Kaakka Kaakka.mp4

11 Kagam.mp4

12 Kokku Paaru.mp4

13 Kuruvi Paranthu.mp4

14 Mayilaparu.mp4

15 Pachai Kili.mp4

16 Siru Vilakku.mp4

17 Vaa Vaa Kiliye.mp4

18 Vannakili.mp4

Festival Songs

19 Deepavali.mp4

20 Pandigai.mp4

21 Puthaandu.mp4

22 Thiruvizha.mp4

23 Vellai Ellam.mp4

Fun Songs

24 Azhagu Penne.mp4

25 Balloon.mp4

26 Ezhum Ezhum.mp4

27 Gramama Nagarama.mp4

28 Kanavu.mp4

29 Nizhal.mp4

30 Paanai Vaiyiru.mp4

31 Thatha.mp4

32 Unavu.mp4

33 Vaal.mp4

34 Vattamana Thattu.mp4

Moral Songs

35 Aassai Aassai.mp4

36 Ettu Kozhi.mp4

37 Inmugam.mp4

38 Kalaiyil Nee Ezhunthidavenum.mp4

39 Nallavanum Kettavanum.mp4

40 Sirumiyin Udhavi.mp4

Nature Songs

41 Banana.mp4

42 Dhratchai.mp4

43 Erumbu.mp4

44 Kannan.mp4

45 Malargal.mp4

46 Maram Valarpoom.mp4

47 Mazhai.mp4

48 Nathaiyamma.mp4

49 Nel.mp4

50 Sooriyan.mp4

51 Vatta Vatta Nilavu.mp4

52 Vazhaimaram.mp4

Patrotic Songs

53 Indiyavin Thanthai.mp4

54 Kanavu Kaanalam.mp4

55 Kodi Vannakkam.mp4

Pet Animals Songs

56 Anil.mp4

57 Anill.mp4

58 Attukutty.mp4

59 Eliyum Poonaiyum.mp4

60 Engal Veetu Naikutti.mp4

61 Engal Vetu Poonai.mp4

62 Kalla Moonai.mp4

63 Kandre.mp4

64 Maramamum Maadum.mp4

65 Meow Meow.mp4

66 Naai Kutty.mp4

67 Sundeli.mp4

68 Thottathil Meyudhu.mp4

69 Yenge Kavalai.mp4

Playing Songs

70 Kaladi Attam.mp4

71 Panthu.mp4

72 Vidukathai.mp4

Pre School Songs

73 Aana Aavanna.mp4

74 Chitiraiyil.mp4

75 Engal Mozhi.mp4

76 Kanini.mp4

77 Kasada Thapara.mp4

78 Kizhamaigal.mp4

79 Ondrum.mp4

80 Udal Uruppugal.mp4

81 Viral.mp4

Stories Songs

82 Appa Vangi Thandadhu.mp4

83 Avvai.mp4

84 Erumbum Puravum.mp4

85 Naanaga Irundal.mp4

86 Sathunavu.mp4

87 Seetha Ramar.mp4

88 Varaayo Kannan.mp4

Vehicles Songs

89 Irandu Chakkara.mp4

90 Pogudhu.mp4

91 Vandi Varudhu.mp4

92 Vimanam.mp4

Wild Animal Songs

93 Kuthirai.mp4

94 Pulli Maan.mp4

95 Sattai Potta Kurangu.mp4

96 Thavalaiyare.mp4

97 Thennai Marathil.mp4

98 Vettai.mp4

99 Yaanai Yaanai.mp4

100Yannai Varudhu.mp4

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